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What Is Digital Marketing? Podcast Ep. 1

Join Live Zoom Meeting - Episode 1

"What is Digital Marketing?"

by High Activity Online CEO and Digital Marketing Expert

(Live Presentation and Screenshare)

*Password needed to join zoom meeting

Instructions: Follow @highactivityonline on Instagram

DM "#QuickStart" on Instagram to receive zoom meeting password. Limited spaces available.

Ep. 1 is a pilot program that will be broadcasting a recorded live zoom meeting discussing Digital Marketing, High Activity Online Services and related topics, as well as answering questions. Live Broadcasts are hosted by Jon, High Activity Online Digital Marketing Expert and CEO. Broadcasts will also be shared live via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Speakeasy and other platforms.

Who should join?

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

What is the meeting about?

This content is about Digital Marketing and why it's important to your business.

Topics: Lead Generation, Facebook Ads, Automatic Sales, Email Marketing, Customer Acquisition and Cultivation, Understanding Assests, telling your Brand Story, Company Culture, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Optimization, Understanding Your Audience, Primary and Secondary Audience, Advertising Campaigns, Mapping the Customer Journey, Choosing Social Media Channels, Content Calendar and more.

You need the link and the password to join zoom if you have questions you would like answered on topics being discussed live.

Can't make the meeting?

Follow our Social Media accounts to catch live clips and highlights of each episode. When the meeting is over the video will be posted to our YouTube Channel and Website Visit Services or Book a Call Now

Learn More

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