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How technology is changing marketing tactics

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

A billboard with a million views or a facebook ad with a million views? Hmmm...

A Facebook ad can generate a thousand views in your local area but who's eyes are watching? A billboard my generate a thousand views in a single day as well, but again, who is watching? How much did you invest?

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

The cost of a facebook ad can be as little as $5 per day in comparison to attracting the eyes of views to a local street billboard for up to or over $10k per month! And who views a billboard? Whoever so happens to be driving by? And were they looking?

Put the ad in the customer's hand, the right customer

We live in a new age where technology not only allows us to make more attractive and creative art to display for the potential customer to see, but allows us to place our advertisements in a fine tuned and direct-targeting manner. It is done by custom demographic targeting. A thousand people may drive by a billboard, some look some don't. Some look but may find no interest because the ad is for elderly women or opposite the add is for young men or home owners but a young child is the only one looking out the car window at such an ad. Now if you are advertising home improvement you can use technology and social media to place your home improvement ad right into the hands of the husband or wife of a family who recently bought a home or has shown interest online in other home improvement pages. Now you can place the cosmetic services ad you want right into the hands of the live feed going showing up on the person's phone who's friend recently checked into your store. Technology is turning marketing and advertising into a whole new battlfield.

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