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Home Page Video Walkthrough and Introduction

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Home Page Videos will continue to be updated and replaced regularly. Each time High Activity Online posts a new intro video, I will provide a walkthrough blog post.

The Home Page video's purpose is to introduce High Activity Online as an Agency and to introduce myself, Jon, as the CEO and most importantly a Digital Marketing Expert.

High Activity Online is a Social Media and Internet Marketing Agency. There are many terms to describe Marketing Online which include Social Media Marketing, Online Marketing, Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing, etc.. What all of these terms truly mean and are generally referring to is Marketing itself. Marketing today is highly involved in and almost 100% dependent on the Internet, Online, aka "Digital" means and media of Marketing.

Across social media and internet platforms you will regularly see myself and this agency posting "take your business where your customers are." This means taking your business online. Not only is it just having a website or just having a social media account on Facebook or Instagram, but it means simply that your business is caring for your customers.

Taking your business online and establishing a consistent presence builds trust for your brand within it's community of followers and interested potential customers. Showing your business cares is posting regular, transparent, easy to understand visual and written content on trusted internet and social media platforms.

To take it a step further your business has an extraordinary ability to attract new customers online. Not only by boosting or promoting current posts but by planning and executing ad campaigns with specific strategic goals that align with the mission of your company.

Video Views for Awareness or Email Capturing for Lead Generation, Website Visits, Events, the list goes on. Developing a High Activity Online Marketing Strategy is imperative in today's business world. High Activity Online has it's name rooted in it's goals and services we provide to our clientele. Visit Services or Book a Call Now to Get Started.

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