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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the lifeblood of your business online. Email marketing opens up contact to your audience in the absence of many other social media channels. Powered together with social media, email capturing can be among the strongest tools in your digital marketing strategy.

One of the main functions of any business website is to capture emails. Offering a place for your audience to submit their email is step number one. Asking your audience to submit an email for further information is step number two. And step number three is providing the incredible value that will be within your email submission program, your email list newsletter.

Many businesses have been paid by customers for years, hundreds even thousands of customers have visited your business in person or online and submitted their email, hopefully! The truth is many businesses are lucky enough to have collected the emails of many of their subscribers, customers, patients, etc. However this email data base has gone un-used.

As a part of High Activity Online digital marketing services we take this task into action. Email Campaigns are largely related to content planning across other platforms. Deciding the purpose for contacting your subscribers is imperative. Educate, Engage, Excite and call to conversion. Having a balanced content calendar is heavily involved in a business email marketing strategy.

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