Digital Marketing Services (2.0) Video Walkthrough

Welcome to our latest update to our Services video. Here are some notes and takeaways to follow along.

High Activity Online is a social media and internet marketing agency. We offer two main service plans: Full Service and Consultation. Described here in further detail is a video walkthrough found on our Services page.

The Photo Link here shows a list summary of services involved in our service plans:

The main point of your business being online is this 1,2,3 method discussed in our services video:

1) Awareness

2) Consideration

3) Conversion

Digital marketing allows your business to 'setup and integrate social media and internet platforms including a website'. 'Email marketing' is the lifeblood of a business online. Emails need to be actively captured and cultivated. Emails are leads, information that is provided to a business online for free by a potential customer. With the use of social media and internet platforms a business can position itself to 'acquire and cultivate customers.' You then need to strategize and act with purpose in 'content and advertisement delivery.' What your business is doing online during the sales process is it's telling a 'brand story,' and it's showing a consistent and trustworthy presence to your audience.

This is a basic summary of how all of these services are connected to each other and have purpose in their relationships. One without the other is not the optimal choice because just like an engine or an organism, removing working parts will hinder optimal performance or even terminate it.

High Activity Online provides completion of these tasks as a full service agency. Even if your business already has working parts/assets it's still sensible to work with High Activity Online in a full service capacity. The more work that is already done then allows High Activity Online digital marketing experts to spend more time on the next priority in your business's marketing strategy.

High Activity Online offers ongoing full service options for your business and we are happy to keep control over these assets on a regular basis to support the growth of your business.

We also offer an exit plan when working with our services. You may choose, and some businesses do, to receive training for your staff in how to take on the digital marketing tasks performed by High Activity Online. By taking this direction, your own business can eventually take the reins on your digital marketing efforts and become an independent marketing force within your own company and your own staff. Of course High Activity Online is available for further consultation from that point forward.

Our Consultation Plan consists of a written and spoken walkthrough of your own custom marketing map. Once delivered this map is then in your own hands to execute within your own team. Jon, our digital marketing expert, will deliver a written plan to your team before our scheduled 4-hour in person directive meeting. This way you have time to prepare questions for further guidance during our in-person directive. In-Person directive will usually be done online during a zoom meeting and some may be done physically in person.

Our consultative written plan involves first auditing your company's online performance, including website and social media accounts, search engine optimization scores, mobile optimization, ad strategy and performance as well as other areas discussed during onboarding call. High Activity Online sincerely cares about the businesses we work with and make a point to go above and beyond to address and cover your needs as a business owner and your goals for your company.

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